The van conversion


We took the plunge and invested in a Mercedes Sprinter to convert into a camper van or as we like to call it - a tiny home on wheels. I'm not going to lie, we had no intention of starting a project like this straight after moving house. When our wedding became postponed due to Covid so did our honeymoon. We were then strapped, wondering whether to go away or not. All of the Airbnb's had reopened and the prices had risen making a week away somewhere not only unjustifiable but almost impossible as cottages were going like hotcakes. So, we had to think outside the box. We needed a way to holiday without thinking Covid could spoil our plans. Cue the van! 


We looked at A LOT of vans. The three front runners were:

VW Crafter

Mercedes Sprinter

Renault Master

We heard good reviews for the Renault and thought the price was very appealing so that was up there originally. Then we went inside it. Yes, first top tip of buying a van - go inside them all first. To any van connoisseurs this it pretty obvious but to anyone who isn't into vans, you would probably think the same as me. All long wheel based vans and all medium wheel based vans are the same size. Nope. I know, rookie error. Turns out some LWB vans are a lot smaller than others. The Renault was one of them. Tim is 6"2 so we wanted to make sure he could stand in the van or else our trips away may be a bit of a squeeze for him. 

After speaking to quite a few van experts they all came back to the same van. The Sprinter is a real workhorse. Knowing it (hopefully) won't have issues every few months was really important to us. So now we have it, we are dead chuffed.