Stage 3

We did it!

Land Rover Discover converted to camper van
Land Rover Discovery converted to camper vn
Land Rover Discovery converted into camper van

The last stage was to put the car together with all the finishing touches. This meant adding the pre-cut foam, the lighting, bedding and storage making it just right for us. The car needed to be dog friendly so I ensured I could make the front seat convert into a comfortable little bed for Pepper at night (I essentially used a cool box in the footwell so it was the same height as the chair and lay her bean bag across the top which gave her plenty of room to sleep).

The bed itself was actually pretty comfortable. I was really chuffed to have used foam and not an air bed as it was far more durable and felt like a 'real' bed. The width of our bed was about the size of a 3/4 mattress so we could both comfortably fit without being too close as it was quite warm at night. I solved this by keeping windows open, blasting out the AC and keeping the windows blacked out so it could remain shady in the mornings. I used plastic bags on the windows to give us some privacy at night. They were pretty shocking though. Sticking them up every night was a faff so next time I would invest in some little car window blinds which can be used for children when they sleep in the back of the car. 

Under the bed the storage system worked well but I realised that the hinges weren't as useful as I intended. Once you have your foam on top, the bedding etc it's a pain to take it all off when folding the bed to access the storage. In the end I just mastered the shimmy and slid the boxes down towards the boot which wasn't too much effort. I guess for the price there has to be some compromise.

The shower worked out great. I knew I couldn't get one specifically made as I knew I would sell the car after the trip. I looked on Amazon and found a solar shower which I could hang from the roof bars of the car. It was good enough to freshen up and not smell like last nights bordeaux! I had purchased from Aldi a cooking stove and the pots and pans I think were from Poundland. I popped all of these in a container which rested under the bed and could quickly slide them out when needed. I used the bottom fold down element of the boot as a handy kitchen surface. When I was cooking dinner I felt I had my own little kitchen island ready to make dinner.

Overall I would highly recommend using a Land Rover Discovery for some cheap camper van fun. It has the fun of a camper van without the cost. It can go back to being a car without having to remain a holiday home on wheels giving you the best of both worlds. If you want an adventure to remember, this is the one. It's worth exPAWing...