Slow cooker porridge

slow cooker porridge

This is such a good hearty way to start your morning. It couldn't be easier! What I like about this brekkie is you can quickly pop it all together, crack on with your dog walk or have an extra hour reading in bed, then when you come downstairs or back inside you are welcomed with this lovely smell of warm oats. It will keep you going for ages.

banana slow cooker porridge


Porridge oats (jumbo are a good option)

Milk or dairy free alternative



Fruit of preference

Seeds - I like pumpkin, chia and sunflower.


1) Turn the slow cooker on 'high'. To make this you need to leave the oats for at least an hour to cook in the liquid...hence 'slow cooker'.

2) Pour in as many oats as you would normally have for yourself (normally 45g for a portion).

3) Add around half a pint of water and half a pint of milk (based on one portion). Then stir. The oats should be a very liquidy consistency now but you should  still be able to feel the oats through each stir. If it is too thick the liquid will be absorbed and the oats will dry up in the cooker. For your first go it is worth doing a bit of trial and error. If it dries up too quickly you need to add more liquid. If it is too wet after 1.5 hours then maybe you had too much liquid. It is down to your own taste.

4) After about an hour or so on high the porridge should be ready (perfect timing after your morning dog walk). Serve and add any toppings you want to make it a great fully loaded way to start the day. You'll be full for hours!

pomegranite slow cooker porridge