Sevylor adventure kayak review

Picture by Amazon

This kayak is a game changer in the kayaking world. It has evolved from the cheap inflatables you associate with hanging outside small seaside shops to a real trooper cruising along rivers and even has the ability to survive small rapids. This has a very strong protective material encasing the inflatable chambers which are still stronger than the usual plastic you would find on something similar. I love the fact it can be bagged up and popped back in the car as soon as you are finished meaning you don’t need to buy roof racks or bars. 

The kayak comes with a fin which you can put on or take off making the kayak not spin in circles at every given moment and easy to dismantle oars adding to the simplicity of this vessel. Tim and I can fit inside the kayak at 5”8 and 6”2….with Pepper in between our legs. It is fine for short distances with Pepper but without there’s a bit more room to take on longer journeys. I have ventured down the River Tay in Scotland and even enjoyed some grade 2 rapids unscaithed!


Pros: With the right pump, this kayak is really quick to inflate. I checked how long it has taken to set the whole thing up and it is in under 10 minutes, which is nothing. The price is pretty great coming in at around £230 for the kit (oars, pump, valves etc) which compared to hard shell kayaks…it’s a fraction of the cost. With a hard shell you would need roof bars and straps too adding to your total bill which you wouldn’t need with the inflatable ‘packaway’ ability. The protective jacket which surrounds the outside of the kayak is really durable and strong, giving you a bit of peace of mind in case it does happen to graze a small rock or branch. The easy to dismantle oars make it even easier to pop the kayak in a small boot or the back of the car without making someone having to duck down to avoid an oar to the face! 


Cons: The pump that comes with the kayak is a bit of a pain so I switched mine for the Intex Double Quick Pump which makes pumping the kayak effortless. The middle inflatable section could also do with a protective layer as you could tear it or catch it with some clothes you are wearing, or jewellery (not that this has happened to us as it is very strong, but why not be extra safe?) The seats inside the kayak are far more comfortable than most however, if I am being completely honest, the backs could do with being a bit taller to give full support for longer distance ventures. Lastly the carry case….the bag isn’t well designed making it a bit of a mission to fit your kayak back inside. It would make life a lot easier if it was a wider zip up case which would make putting the deflated kayak back inside a bit simpler. 


All in all, saying this, it is still a must buy for me. The cons are a little annoying and picky – nothing that would or should make you change your mind. The kayak has revolutionised the portability of doing water sports making it an easy and exciting resource to have in your adventure gear pack up. Just make sure you let it dry properly after use to preserve its life.

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