Hi, I’m Lewis Jenkins, a freelance illustrator and founder of _ProjectEtch. Art has been a source of expression and creativity for me since my childhood and it continues to be so today. As I continue through my life art has not only been a hobby of mine, it has become an amazing way for me to switch off from a busy life of being a teaching assistant and attending university to become a primary school teacher. 

I created my Instagram page to show others the journey that I’m taking throughout my art. I feel that it is important to show the progress you make as it provides people who may be nervous to try to create art that everyone starts somewhere! I’ve been extremely lucky sharing my journey through Instagram as I have been asked to create personalised wedding invitations, cards for occasions, prints of my work and designing personalised logos. 


I feel extremely fortunate to be able to provide high quality artwork to those that desire it whilst I have been documenting and sharing my journey. If you would like to check it out, please go and follow @_ProjectEtch on Instagram.


Lewis has helped me with many projects over the years. These are just a few examples of his work for me personally. I was very specific with what I wanted and he listened to me every step of the way. It was a pleasure working with someone who was happy to help in any way possible. No requirement was too big or too small. He was genuine in his approach and only would send me the work when we were both happy with the outcome.


To see more from _ProjectEtch check out their instagram by clicking on the images. 

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