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Stage 2 - Fitting the Fiamma Roof Vent

We used the Flame 04328B01D Vent Crystal Porthole from Amazon.

It's amazing what you can teach yourself. A year ago if you asked me if I could fit a roof vent in a van I would have said, hell no. If I am being completely honest I couldn't do it now without Tim guiding me. We read the instructions which were pretty straight forward and just got cracking.

I have made some TikTok videos showing how we have done elements of the van build in a nut shell.

So, to start we measured the vent and drew it on the top of the van. To make life easy we made a cardboard template which helped make sure we could see it being put in the right place and gave us perfect cutting lines. You don't have to do this, but we saw a few people giving this a go so we thought it a good idea. Then we started cutting out the vent using a jigsaw.

In the picture above you can see we used mastic tape. On the top of the Sprinter there are grooves and ridges which make the roof not entirely level. In order to get the vent snug and watertight, you use the mastic tape to level out the roof. Then when you lay the vent, it will sit on top and be level. It's a bit of a pain trying to make it all level but it is fairly straightforward. Make sure you clean the roof first with some alcohol cleaner or white vinegar to make sure there is no dust or dirt up there which could interfere with your tape.

Now you can file down the rough metal edges on the square hole you have cut out and treat it with your old mate, Red Oxide.

Next up, make the wooden frame to sit on the inside of the hole of the van so your vent can slot into it. This will help in the long run when you attach cladding to level it all out.

I must admit the instructions are pretty easy to follow. Now you need to use Sikaflex and stick it down. We used Sikaflex EBT which was recommended to us.

The links used are Amazon affiliate links.

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