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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

This Christmas we all need a pick me up. Now that we are in lockdown it seems as though our festive shopping sprees have now moved from the bustling streets to the busy web. I thought I would share some of my go to's for an adventure, anything useful that is dog related, stocking fillers and some of the random bits I enjoy over the festive period.

So, let's get cracking!

OS Map

Maps. You can never have too many of them. We really love them. On the OS map website you can customise your own and put your own pictures on the front and your own writing. It is a cracking little gift and always needed on a ramble.

Now with technology being as fab as it is, you can get the OS map app if you prefer (I am a sucker for a paper version) for just £2.99 a month or £23.99 a year. UK link

Running Tags

My friend bought me these for my birthday and I thought they were such a unique and thoughtful gift. If you have a pal that likes to run then get some of these and pop your own message on there. I have "I run with Rufus" on mine. I bloody love them. - UK link

Wall Art

I have a personalised one of these hanging on my wall and absolutely love it. It is a real crowd pleaser and great for families. We have paw prints at the end to represent the four legged friend in the household. - UK link


I love my hats. We have an abundance of them, but over the years we have worked out which ones are worth their money and which ones aren't. After having a few of the bobbles ripped and shredded over the years I have decided expensive hats aren't the way forward but quality, comfortable and affordable ones are. So this one ticks the boxes. It has a nice fleece inner and always keeps me warm. I love the colours too! - UK link - US link


This little necklace is a cracking gift for any adventure seeker/traveller...Indiana Jones lover. I thought it was so unique and fun when I received it, I also get lots of questions about it too. - UK link

Best Non-Fiction Book I Have Read This Year

I have read a few cracking books this year. My favourite being this one by Ben Fogle. I just fell head first into his adventures, so much so I have been bingeing them on YouTube. If you are in the mood for an uplifting and inspiring read about insect infested jungles and living on an isolated island, then look no further. - UK link - US link

The Best Fiction Book I have Read This Year

There are a few fiction books I have enjoyed reading. I don't normally go for a thriller but this one got me hooked. The ending made it all worth the read. It played on my mind (in a good way) and made me want to see what else is out there by Harriet Tyce. If you want to give someone a good easy but gripping read, look no further. This is perfect if you are going away for a break and need something to help you relax. - UK link -US link

USB Solar Charger For On The Move

This USB charger isn't as slim as others, or as cheap as others, but it is really good. The reason it's chunkier is because it can also charge up from the sun which is really handy if you're camping off grid for a few days. I found when I was on the move the normal power bank I had would run out leaving my camera and phone lifeless. With this it can charge when on the move and it has a handy torch on the back. - UK link - US link

Phone Tripod

This is something I didn't really know I needed until I had it. Now, I can't believe how much I use it. It is so lightweight and versatile. It really is fab. I can pack it away in my rucksack or throw it in the car and use it for photos at a family party or photos from remote spots whilst it hangs from a tree. It is a cracking stocking filler! - UK link - US link

Dog Harness

I know what you're thinking. A dog harness isn't really a gift for you. Well I would argue it is. Some walks you just can't be bothered to handle the constant pulling and stopping to heel. If you use this harness and clip the lead on the front (that's the key bit) then you can enjoy a walk or two without tugging on the lead every few minutes. - UK link - US link

Lick Mat

Again, I know you are thinking this isn't a present for you, but if you want thirty minutes of peace then it is. If you just need thirty minutes to eat a meal, greet a friend, read a book or to finish a cup of tea, then this is great! We were recommended to use this so I can't take the credit but it is awesome. We have used yoghurt, sweet potato and beef paste in ours and just froze them to make them last longer. It is a real winner! - UK link - US link


Now this one isn't a stocking filler. It would have to be the BFG's stocking if that was the case. Paddleboarding is such a fun sport I have begun to love. If you are looking to get a generous gift that is a bit of a wild card, then this is the one. - UK link - US link

Great British Adventure Map

This is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to go on an adventure or two or if someone you know is in need of some inspiration. I was bought this as a present for my birthday and have loved exploring all the top places to go and visit with top ideas of things to do and see. Mountains, islands, beaches, waterways, coastal has it all. - UK link

Camping Stove

Now rather than a gas stove we have purchased one of these for the van when we are parked up and wanting to sit outside around the fire. This little chestnut is a cracking gift to have a fun fire pit on the go AND it comes in a flatpack form. - UK link - US link

Mini Projector

Now you may be thinking, why do I want a projector? Well when Covid got in our way of going to the cinema, we had to think outside the box. We decided to do our own cinema nights in and used this little projector to have some fun in. It was amazing how much better films were and how much more of an immersive experience it became. Watching Jaws, The Greatest Showman and Lord of the Rings on the big screen in the comfort of your own home, feels like a massive treat. We can't get enough. Our Friday nights have become something to look forward to in lockdown and beyond. We like how small this is too. We can easily take this with us in the van and have a cheeky film on the go. - UK link - US link

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