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Is this the BEST fridge for a camper van?

Updated: May 20, 2021

Kiravans Fridge for Camper Van Conversion

Dometic Coolmatic CRE50 2-in-1 Compressor Fridge

Now I know these aren't pictures of the final product (my oven is taking aaaaages to arrive) BUT I just needed an excuse to show off our kitchen. I've teamed up with Kiravans for this post as they kindly gifted me our dream fridge. Kiravans didn't force this on me, I approached them as this was a fridge I knew we needed. Let me explain further...

When looking at building up your camper the idea of having a kitchen is quite appealing. No more balancing the stove on a cool box and finally a sturdy, less wobbly space to chop your vegetables now that you can use worktop space. It really is a game changer from camping. Not having to crouch down huddled around an instant BBQ hoping the sausages will finally cook to being able to enjoy all the outdoor space and nature at its best from the comfort of a van with the doors wide open.

The main thing I felt we needed and suffered without on our camping trips was a fridge. Trying to park up outside supermarkets and buy as much ice as the cool box would allow in the hope it will preserve the bacon that extra day wasn’t always a nice thought. On those hot summer days having to sift through the pool of melted ice and lift out the now soggy and slimy cheese packet which had sunk to the bottom did spoil our cheese on toast. I knew that to have a fridge it would eliminate all of my food woes and we could last for longer out the of the back of the van without the reliance of going down to the pub for tea.

I did quite a bit of research into what fridge would be perfect for the van. I didn’t want one that was too big and bulky taking up our much needed space. I didn’t have the world’s biggest budget either as the Euro Millions wasn’t on my side this week. I didn’t want one that would drain my battery and make a lot of noise humming in the background. I needed one that would be energy efficient and not drain all our hard earned solar energy - we park in exposed spots for a reason. So, the hunt went on to find a great energy saving fridge. I scoured the internet for hours trying to find a camper provider that would tick all the boxes. Then I stumbled across Kiravans. Free UK deliveries over £89, YouTube videos explaining how everything worked and a price promise no one can quibble with. Luckily this one is one of the best fridges in the UK with enhanced temperature control and compressor speed control helping me save up to a whopping 25% on my leisure battery! This was a great big tick for me.

I approached Kiravans and asked them if we could collaborate on the Dometic fridge. The idea of finally being able to drink a cold cider and not a soaking wet one seduced me into the fridge charm. It is amazing how we take these little things for granted. But a fridge is quite a luxury. Kiravans have a strong rep in the vanning and campervan world so I knew I was in safe hands. Having 45 litres of storage, a three speed compressor system, adjustable compartments and a mini freezer meant I didn’t have to worry about my Magnums becoming yoghurts. It’s easy to get carried away when buying new products to kit out your van but for me this did all I needed and more. It slots in to my newly built kitchen and makes me feel I’ve got my home on the road.

It has handy adjustable compartments too so I can even fit a 4 pint milk bottle in there easily. Check out my TikTok and YouTube channel to show off how much can fit inside this little beauty. Let's just say there is no more soggy cheese packets and plenty of room for my fruit salads!

If you’re on the look out for some affordable luxury. Then look no further.

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