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Buying a Mercedes Sprinter to Convert into a Camper Van

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

It's lockdown. It is now illegal to travel unnecessarily. We needed a project.

We took the plunge and bought ourselves LWB Mercedes Sprinter. It is looooooong. We bought this in the hope we can turn this into a camper van and go exploring at our leisure without worrying that airbnb will cancel our request or it isn't safe to be on a plane. We just thought; what the heck? Why not just give this a go and enjoy the project? So £4000 smackers spent and 400,000 miles later, this beast is sat on our drive.

I know what you're thinking. Why buy a van that is 400,000 miles?! Well, it is a 2013 plate and it's mainly motorway miles. It came with full service history (a must) and was in pretty good nick - bar the typical van dents here or there.

The plan....well to turn this into a camper van and explore everywhere and anywhere. We decided that we would try our best to do as much of the build ourselves as possible. From the windows to the electronics, to the plumbing to the cladding. This is our project and we are going to learn as we go.

Neither of us are very handy. Tim more so than me. We both have learnt through YouTube, the world's most liberating site. I love it! The fact you can teach yourself pretty much anything whether it's making a house or making a pizza, is pretty incredible.

The first thing we bought for the oxide. Red oxide is your friend. It became our 'go to' whenever we saw rust on the van. It is gloopy stuff so if you don't have an old paint brush or the re oxide remover it recommends, then just trim the end off the brush and reuse.

We cleaned the areas first, used a wire brush bit on the end of a dremel then let the oxide work it's magic. It is pretty strong smelling stuff though so don't hang out in the van for long after this.

I have used Amazon affiliate links to direct you straight to the products.

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