Hinges...I knew the best way to make the bed useful was to add hinges to the top so I could comfortably access our storage. I didn't want to be lugging the top in and out of the Landy, so having a fold back mechanism was key. I picked up these hinges for £1.50 each which is as cheap as chips and works nicely for our budget.

I measured the bed and cut it into thirds. I then added the hinges and was really chuffed how simple yet effective our design was. Now I could access all of the luggage comfortably without moving anything.

I then bought some plastic boxes which were 3 for £10. I think I can fit around 4/5 boxes under the bed leaving side room to slot in other things like camping chairs, table etc. This is great storage for clothes, cooking equipment and of course dog bits.

I then needed to order some foam for the mattress on top of the bed. This is being cut to size and the cheapest place to buy it by far has been the market. The man gave us some clearance foam which is all I needed. I wanted it to be comfortable enough to sleep on so ordered 4 inch thick foam. The only issue is because of its thickness, I can't attach this to the wooden top as it would interfere with the hinges and the folding mechanism. So it isn't perfect, but the friction from the wood on the foam is surprisingly good, keeping this in place.


 The cost for this bundle is £25. Total cost of the build so far...£101.