Kidwelly - Kayaking

Duration: 3 hours if it is a casual river ride

Difficulty: Beginner - Intermediate (only because of the weirs)

Parking: Any of the country lanes in Kidwelly village close to the river

Cost: £0 

Location: Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire

Gwendraeth Fach - the river we decided to just get on and explore. It isn't a river known for it's kayaking, but it certainly was a fun one to see where it leads to.

We started near the centre of the Kidwelly village (we found a lay-by near a bridge with good access the river) and followed the river until we came across Kidwelly Castle. We did this in the middle of June when the river was pretty low so for our inflatable Sevylor kayak, it was a little close to the bottom at times (especially with three of us in!) There were also some low over hanging branches  so in parts we would jump out and pull the kayak along to avoid a thump to the head.

All in all if you're looking for a river route which is fun to do with friends with a couple of weirs and interesting scenery then this is the one.

Paws for thought - something to remember when kayaking is how easy it is to access the river. You need to cross the land first to get to it so make sure you read any signs put up nearby or see if you are in a suitable launch and take out point.