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meet Jess

So, let me introduce myself...I am Jessica Knowles and I work full time as a primary school teacher showing children under the age of seven how to not lose rubbers up their nostrils. I love my job but by the time I leave work and head home I am ready for a sip of outdoor tonic. Going for a dog walk after being bombarded with questions from inquisitive children all day gives me the head space I need. 


I live with my partner Tim who is an account manager for a software company (he enjoys the odd business meeting in a HGV sharing the benefits of telematics). He gets dragged along with me on any new idea I have or activity I want to pursue. Both of our jobs are full on, require a lot of energy and can be quite stressful juggling targets, meetings, observations and Ofsted’s deep dives (yes that is an actual term that isn’t swimming related!) So, for us to have pockets of time in the evenings or at the weekend where we can go and do something fun and outdoorsy is high on our priority list. This is our medicine. It’s pure escapism at its best. Going back to work after having a weekend of making memories, exploring somewhere new and reconnecting with the outdoors is just what we need to shake off the demons of a working week.


Most of this is pre Pepper (she was our first dog). Then one day our two became a three. We bought a Hungarian Vizsla and were told by many that we would be limited on our future trips as she wouldn’t be able to come with us making her negatively impact on our lifestyle. This wasn’t an option for us. I relish a challenge and wanted to prove that buying a dog isn’t a hindrance but can enhance your adventure experiences. When I go mountain biking she comes too, when I climb the Three Peaks for my Three Peak Pooch challenge she joins me and when we travel around Europe in a converted Land Rover camper she is the one map reading in the back. For me adventure isn’t a fashion statement; it’s a way of life. I want to inspire people to go outdoors and have a dogventure of their own.

When I was a young girl being outdoors, playing sports and having adventures with my family was what I wanted to do most. In the 90s it started with Steve Irwin’s crocodile tales and Ray Mears’ Bushcraft stories which has now evolved into Ben Fogle books and Bear Grylls’ tv programs. These adventure seekers provided me with inspiration to create my own form of adventure. As there currently seems to be no female equivalent on offer, to be able to offer sports which are generalised as male, pitch them in an adventure package wrapped up in pictures and pawprints seems a great opportunity to connect to a female audience. This made me think my Instagram could be a way to connect to people, particularly women, and create communities of people sharing adventure for young adults to relate to and be inspired by. So I will stop my ramblings and let you have some fun exPAWing the website so you can create your own dogventures!


I love the outdoors and have enjoyed adventures all around the world (pre-dog). Between us we have safarii’d around South Africa, bungee jumped, sky dived, snorkelled with sharks, white water rafted, wild camped,  road tripped around Europe twice, tombstoned, island hopped, paddleboarded, kayaked, mountain biked, climbed the Three Peaks, green laned, wild swam, travelled around Asia, Australia, New Zealand and North America, ski’d, snowboarded, backpacked, mountain climbed and rock climbed… The list goes on.