the Peak District

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Kinder Scout (636m)

Duration: 5 hours in snow

Difficulty: Hard (dependent on your fitness level)

Parking: The Rambler Inn free S33 7ZA - just to note we went in to the pub and asked about parking, explaining that we would eat there after. There is a sign in the car park saying 'no parking' but if you speak to the owners they should be fine. 

Cost: £0 

Location: Edale, Derbyshire

Paws for thought: Go early as it can be crowded, wear good hiking boots as the terrain can be loose.


We climbed Kinder in January with heavy snow fall before and during the walk so at times it was a little tense. Every so often our feet would fall through what we thought was solid ground, in to a 2 foot hole… We eventually realised we were climbing parts of a frozen stream up to the top! Once at the top it isn’t all that obvious (well it wasn’t for us in a blizzard!) 


At the end of the walk we enjoyed a well earned lunch at The Rambler Inn. It was really popular and you could see why; tasty British dishes that get devoured in minutes putting back on all the calories you’ve just burnt…but well worth it.


You can follow these instructions to the walk with the Walking English Man .

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