Good grub

I'm no chef so any Delia comparisons won't go down well (although I am a big Mary Berry fan, you can compare me to her any day!) Over time I have collected recipes and changed them to suit my preference so I can enjoy some healthy, some hearty and some heavenly dinners and breakfasts before or after a dogventure. I am such a grump if I am hungry and out doing an activity. 'Hangry' is the new me until I can just graze on something to tide me over. I thought I would share some winners that have kept me going throughout the day and some to look forward to when you get back.


This page is a work in progress so you can see how my culinary skills develop over time! Don't worry I am past the peanut butter and jam sandwich phase...well...they are pretty delish!


Sourdough bread from scratch

loaded porridge
Homemade hearty pizza
cacao smoothie
hot fish salad
Homemade Granola
slow cooker porridge
Chow mein without the chicken
Coconut steamed buns
fried chicken non chicken
Chow mein fried rice
beetroot gnocchi
slow cooker porridge
Peanut butter, banana & oat smoothie
Festive fuelled eggnog