What I think is best for your pooch.

the harness

The question I get asked the most regarding dog products is: what brand is your harness? 

I have tried a few harnesses, different brands, different prices and this one comes up top. It is called 'True Love Dog Harness' and can be found on Amazon. It was a real saver to stop Pepper pulling IF you use the front clip making it awkward for her to pull you any longer. I know lots of people are going to be screaming at the screen "just train her to heal!" but I can honestly say training her to heal was bloody hard work. I have worked on training her to do all sorts of amazing things but this one was trickier. You've got to pick your battles eh?

Price: £20

Pros: It is a fair price, easy to put on, greatly reduces pulling, high vis, lightweight, does what it says.

Cons: Could do with some padding around straps for underarms as can cause slight rubbing with excessive use. On furrier dogs this is not a problem.

Picture by True Love


I really like the 3 Peaks Ascent Dog Lead. It comes in a range of sizes from Pets at Home and comes in different colours. It has a wide clip allowing for all shapes and sizes of collar buckles, a soft handle and a rugged cord (handles dog chewing well)!

Price: £7

Pros: Lightweight, durable, comfortable handle, strong

Cons: Through excessive wear the lead can look a little worn (as all leads should).

Picture by Pets at Home

the treats

After trying countless dog treats from Wagg, Pedigree, Bakers to Pet Munchies, these Aldi ones are stealing it. They have lots in a pack, 95% meat and smell like they would make any tail wag. Rather than having lots of crumbs from other treats collecting in your pockets I like these as you can place a dry sausage in your pocket and just snap off as much as you need.

Price: £1.79

Pros: More meat content, smell good, not messy, lots in a pack, makes your dog do any command.

Cons: Possibly to make another packet similar but sausage chunks instead?

Picture by Aldi

The bed


This bed has been a big source of comfort for Pepper....and us! When you fancy a cuddle this bed has been a comfy zone to watch a film and chill out on. She still hasn't learnt how to get under the cover herself yet as ours isn't rigid like you see in the photo however, the quality and comfort is great. You can wash the inner bed cover too, keeping the bed fresh and reduces the dog must that lingers on most doggy items! I got mine from Collared Creatures and I am very pleased with it.

Price: £58-£83 (dependent on size)

Pros: Can wash the inner, dog loves it, comfortable, cosy for cold wintery nights, nice designs.

Cons: It is expensive for a dog bed but if you want a cave style bed, they all are expensive. Hairs can cling to the outer edge of the bed but I think that's because we picked the one with the tweed material (they can be hoovered off). 

Picture by Collared Creatures

Pitpat pet activity tracker

As far as dog trackers go, this one is pretty good. It has a break down of how much walking, running, resting and playing your pet has done. You can set your own targets and you don't need to keep recharging it making it hassle free. Once paired up you are good to go and enjoy long walks, runs or bike rides with your pooch keeping track of how much exercise you have given. I got mine direct from PitPat Pet.

Price: £39.99

Pros: Don't need to charge battery, hassle free, waterproof, good activity log for dog walkers etc.

Cons: The design could be a little slimmer and less of an ice cube size (but not everything is pawfect).

Picture by PitPat Pet