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BBC vizsla adventures

This was a very exciting phone call to get on a typical Monday morning. I worked with the BBC to create a showcase of my adventures. I discussed my favourite things to do with Pepper and how well she responds to all of the activities I enjoy doing in the hope it would inspire others to create dogventures of their own. There is so much more to owning a dog than just walking them. My favourite activities have now become her favourite activities and I am now the one struggling to keep up! Walks, hikes, Park Runs, mountain bike rides, kayak trips and opportunities to SUP with the pup all are really positive adventures to enjoy together. I never force Pepper into any of these activities or else it isn't any fun for her or me. I wanted to share my experiences with the wider world and tell you what works and what doesn't for us as it isn't always insta perfect. The BBC kindly gave me a platform to do just that. To see more please click here to see the original video on their website.

Video made by the BBC

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