the adventures of pepper...

as a children's book


I have always wanted to write a children's book. Ever since I as little I would draw my own books with Sid the Snake in on some adventure. When my Instagram page took off my class at the time were invested in Pepper. I thought now is the time for me to write a book for them. So, I worked my socks off and got a publishing opportunity to make this dream become a reality. 

Adventures of Pepper the Ginger Dog is a series of adventures set in rural England. This book introduces Pepper, the adventurous and fun loving ginger dog on the hunt for a den. She is a good natured and reliable friend to her animal companions Ted, the timid tortoise and Helen, the energetic hare. Her owner, Maggie-May, a charismatic 6 year-old tomboy who loves to wear wellingtons, grandad s tartan scarf and dirty torn dungarees loves the countryside and spending time with her affectionate dog.

Maggie-May enjoys being outside making cakes in her mud kitchen or building dens made out of old wooden pallets and cardboard boxes. She accompanies the animals in most of their adventures however, in this book, she advises Pepper to go to Brambleberry Wood.

In order to get to Brambleberry Wood, Pepper and her companions must cross the golf course and farmland, where they encounter the fiery Mrs McClair, a territorial farmer. Mrs McClair despises animals on her land and will chase any she meets with her loyal fuel guzzling blue tractor, which is as menacing as she is.

The animals face challenges such as swooping golf balls, barbed wire and a raging river the test of any friendship.

Can Pepper and her friends make it to the woods and leave behind the raging Mrs McClair?